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Chef Daryl’s Banana Puddin'

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People came from miles around to try Chef Daryl's famous Banana Pudding at his Massachusetts restaurant, and now you can too! We will ship fresh to your door.


  • Puddin' Pack : Four individual 16oz pints  

Southern Inspired deliciousness!

Our rich and delicious Banana Puddin' is filled with creamy vanilla & banana custard, fresh banana's and stuffed full of vanilla wafers. Are you ready?

Vanilla Cream Pudding, Condensed Milk, Whipped Cream, Milk, Sliced Bananas, Vanilla Wafers
Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Dairy, Gluten
To store

• Pudding ships fresh with ice packs, ice packs may thaw during transit.

• Upon arrival, store pudding in the refrigerator.

• Pudding may be stored for up to 2 days in the refrigerator, do not freeze.

• Do not expose shipping box to excess heat. Ensure expedite pickup, upon shipment arrival.

Customer Reviews

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banana puddin banging and delicious

i just got my order and i taste the banana puddin omg the banana puddin is banging and slamming mmmmmmmmmmm very good, delicios i give it 10 thumbs up i will be ordering more i like it a lot. and iam not sharing with nobody my banna puddin lol. i wanted to thank chef Daryl's for makeing and selling the banana puddin. the best banana puddin. mmmmmmmmmmm eating this banna puddin want me to do back flips its so good, delicious.