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Chef Daryl's Shabazz Sauce

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Shabazz sauce savory mild sauce great on wings, burgers, fries, steak, and much more! It's the perfect way to spice things up for your taste buds. Jazz up any meal and get ready for a flavor-filled experience!
The world Famous Shabazz sauce was first introduced in the '70s in New York and New Jersey. Variations of this sauce were sold all over the country. We sold it in our Restaurant and the customers loved it. Now you can have it shipped to your door!

Customer Reviews

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Brings back childhood memories…Shabazz Chicken in the square…. Still hooked.

Two words!

Mr. FISH Springfield, MA!!

Mack Robert
Wing sauce

Good flavor,pepper sweet,somewhat from my young adulthood remembrance.Would buy again,wish it was in local grocery nationwide.

Mustard Sauce is great for Chicken Salad

I have ordered the barbecue sauce in the past, rain out of salad dressing for chicken salad used the mustard sauce and all I can say that it was fire and gave my salad a kick that no sandwich spread on earth can compare too ! I used both the Shabazz sauce and mustard together

Stacey Jordan
Shabazz wing sauce

Amazing! I had to get a bottle out here to Texas ! Made some wings with the shabazz sauce and everyone loved it! It’s a childhood favorite for me so this is awesome to be able to get a bottle of joy imo in Texas ! Thanks chef ! I’ll definitely order again and spread the word in Texas !